Glass Railing with LED Lighting

PRL’s Rapid Railing System is breaking boundaries in innovation by integrating LED strip lighting for the perfect ambiance in residential and commercial projects. This allows you to now make your handrails systems the focal point on each application. Low iron glass is recommended for the best results.

Glass Railing with LED Lighting

Stylish Glass Railing with LED Lighting

The Rapid’s top cap and bottom base have raceways which allow for LED strip lighting within your handrail installation.

Also by adding a simple remote controlled PWD LED dimmer (using a 60W plug in power supply) you can easily bring light to your custom handrail at any time and from anywhere.

This handrail system and design option is very simple and easy to install

Think of PRL for innovative additions to enhanced handrail designs, by adding glass railing with LED lighting you can easily set the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Simple yet elegant lighting brings the most out of your glass railings, a cost effective addition to any project.

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