Dry Set Handrail Systems

Our Rapid Dry Set Handrail Systems continue to gain popularity due to their many unique features. The base shoe has many advantageous and features other base shoes do not.

To begin with it is 30% lighter and much faster to install than the traditional wet set base. No special tools or messy cement required!

It also has the unique feature of “drop-on covers”. Since they just drop onto slots in the base shoe, they are simple and quick to install. This feature allows you to change damaged pieces easily and inexpensively.

No special tools or messy cement required!

The interchangeable covers also benefit your customer in case they want to change the existing base shoe finish or just to make it look new again!

Our extruded aluminum covers are available in anodized, painted, cladded in stainless steel or brass. PRL extrudes, breakforms and fabricates our own base shoe and top cap in-house!

As a leading fabricator of tempered and laminated glass we are able to combine our glass and metal fabrication skills to supply your entire project.

Dry Set Handrail Systems
Full Capacity Handrail Supplier

A True Single Source Supplier

Extruding our own aluminum, and fabricating, tempering or laminating our own glass, PRL is raising the bar by providing you a stronger handrail system. Our capabilities include in-house tube bending. Next day delivery of mill finished base shoe or top cap stock lengths on our trucks is not uncommon.

Currently we are excited and proud to announce that our PLHRDS 2-1/2″ x 4-1/8″ Rapid Dry-Set Base Shoe system has recently been tested and successfully met all requirements for the following standards: (This new test exceeds the normal standard handrail test).

  • The test load criteria for rail and post members were 365 lbs concentrated load and 60 PLF uniformly distributed load to address the worst case end-use category loading defined in ASTM E 985
  • ASTM E 935 standard test methods for performance of permanent metal railing systems and rails for buildings.
  • ASTM E 985 standard specifications for permanent metal railing systems and rails for buildings.

More detailed information can be obtained in the test report NO.D6358.01-301-44.

One of the Smallest and Lightest Base Shoes in the Industry

PRL’s Mini Rapid-Set Hand Rail Base is a unique mechanical rail that is only 2-3/4 tall! And while it is one of the smallest it is fully tested to handle the loads required by building codes. If used as a dry-set system it requires no special tools to install and no more cement (mess). Now if used as a wet set system it reduces the amount of cement required. It’s unique light weight design and drop-on covers makes your installation fast and easy! Extruded aluminum interchangeable covers provide cost savings and versatility in changing finishes or replacing damaged covers. Our commitment is to continue developing and creating better glazing solutions for you.

MAXIMIZE Time & Savings by ordering our Complete Dry Set Handrail Systems.

  • Dry Set handrail systems are Proven Labor Savers
  • Shoe Base 30% lighter / Stronger
  • Bottom or optional Fascia Mount
  • Clad Fascia (optional)
  • Optional Side Mount
  • Bottom Mount
  • Glass Lateral Attachment
  • Available stock sizes are 10′ 12′ and 20′
  • Breakformed Stainless steel or Aluminum Top Cap (1-1/2″, 2″ & 3″ in 10′ S/L)
  • Custom size available upon request
  • Fast, Easy & Clean Installation
  • Reduce Labor Cost
  • Drop’in™ Cover plates
  • No Additional / Special Tool Required
  • Precision bolt assembly
  • Plumb Adjustment up to 5/8″ (Vertically) & 5/8″ (Right Side)
  • Test Report CCLW JOB # 10-5395-1
  • Available Finishes: Anodized, Mill and Clad
  • Free Local Delivery
2-3/4 Inch Mini Rapid-Set Hand Rail Base
Dry Set Handrail Install Cutaway
Dry Set Handrail Install Breakout
PRL Dry Set Handrail System

1: Set Mounting Pressure Plate

PRL Dry Set Handrail System

2: Insert Mounting Pressure Plate

PRL Dry Set Handrail System

3: Insert Glass

PRL Dry Set Handrail System

4: Tighten Screw

PRL Dry Set Handrail System

5: Drop in Cover Plates

PRL Dry Set Handrail System

6: Insert Base Shoe Vinyl

PRL Dry Set Handrail System

7: Insert Top Cap Vinyl

PRL Dry Set Handrail System

8: Set Top Cap

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